Eudcational Service

What we do
We offer one to one counselling, workshops and consultation and training for staff.
We aim through our service to help students work through their difficulty, understand themselves better and find ways of managing their situation.

  • We offer short term counselling to matriculated students of the School/ College/ University
  • We provide workshops and groups for students during semesters
  • We provide career counselling for student to find your better future
  • We also provide consultation and development training courses for School/ College/ University staff

For friends or partners

Students occasionally contact the Student Counseling Service with concerns about a friend or partner. Caring for an emotionally troubled friend can be stressful and upsetting. We are happy to offer you the chance to speak to a counsellor, which can help to clarify your concerns and decide how best to respond.

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For Teachers & Staffs

Teacher plays a great role in every student’s life. We trained the teachers how to identify the student’s problems, how to motivate a student for better performance, how to help them for time management and how to increase the ability for fast learning. Timing and motivation are both factors in the effectiveness of counselling.

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For Parents

Parents are always known as the pillar of every child. Maximum student choose their parents as their role model. It’s really important to know your child in a better way for his/her better and secure future.

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For Special Parents

We understand what the parents feel when they have a special child. We also have support and trained those parents to how to handle that child, how to behave with them, and finally how to make you happy for being special parents.

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